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This course delivers the qualification HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance. Completion of this course provides you with skills and knowledge to be competent to directly assist a physiotherapist working with clients in the allied health sector. You will learn how to deliver therapeutic and rehabilitation programs on land and in water (hydrotherapy) to improve client mobility, health and fitness. You are able to select a ‘stream’ of rehabilitation or fitness as your final module which will enable you to work in a variety of different settings including: a gymnasium, hospital, private practice, community facilities, and in a patient’s home as part of an allied health team approach.

Completion of this course will enable you to work alongside a group of allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and/or occupational therapists to develop and deliver client programs including therapeutic interventions.

Upcoming courses:

Certificate IVAllied health assistance (HLT43015)Friday (fortnightly)May 2017May 2018FlexibleEnquire NOW
Certificate IVAllied health assistance (HLT43015)TBC (fortnightly)Sept 2017Sept 2018FlexibleEnquire NOW

Entry requirements:

Prior to enrolment all students* must demonstrate they meet the minimum entrance requirements identified for successful course completion. Student suitability is assessed in the following areas to ensure students are able to fulfil the course training and assessment requirements.

Proficiency required in:Evidence gathered from:
Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LL&N)LL&N test (Pre-training review)
Computer literacy (basic-intermediate)Computer Literacy Test (Pre-training review)
Internet literacy (basic skills)Internet Literacy Test (Pre-training review)
Independent learningAll tests listed above (Pre-training review)

Course pre-requisites:

None required.

Course qualifications:

HLT43015 Certificate IV Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy)


Our graduates are qualified to work as a:

Physiotherapy assistant
Allied health assistant
Rehabilitation therapist
Clinical practice assistant

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