Level: Introductory-advanced

Suitable: Years 11-12

This session covers the key knowledge and skills pertaining to Unit 3 AoS 2 surrounding energy system use and function. It can be used as an introduction to the content or as an advanced session to consolidate student knowledge and understanding.

Students will have the opportunity to see first hand a range of elite athlete tests: body composition, anaerobic capacity, aerobic (VO2max) performed by one or more of their peers. Teachers will be provided with a test report showing the laboratory data to use in the class for discussion or SAC purposes.

Session topics include:

  • Determinants of energy demand (rate vs. yield)
  • Food vs. chemical fuel sources
  • Energy system characteristics (dominance- time period vs. event)
  • Interplay of the three energy systems using real sporting examples
  • relative vs. absolute VO2max using a student’s test data from the session
  • Normative VO2max test results for different sports

Session cost

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1-20 students: $33.00 per student
21-25 students: $660.00 (flat rate)
26+ students: $660.00 (up to 25 students) + $33.00 per student in addition.

Please note: – A minimum cost of $660 applies to bookings of 20 students or less when opening a new session. If your students are joining an already existing session, prices are as per schedule above.

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