Level: Introductory-advanced

Suitable: Years 11-12

This session introduces the key knowledge and skills pertaining to Unit 4 AoS 1 surrounding training program development, implementation and evaluation. It provides students with an overview of the essential steps and considerations required for them to plan, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of their own 6-week training program.

Students will work with one of our sports scientists to understand the steps and considerations needed to develop, undertake and evaluate the effectiveness of their 6-week training program. This includes understanding of: data collection and analysis methods (apps), fitness assessment (lab vs. field), identification of program goals (fitness components), selection of training methods, application of training principles and use of monitoring techniques to evaluate training effectiveness. Students will be given the opportunity to experience first hand a range of training methods that may be employed within their own training program. This will occur under the supervision of a strength and conditioning scientist in our national training facility. Teachers will be provided with a range of resources to use in the classroom including a ‘ready-to-use’ SAC to meet the requirements of this area of study.

Session topics include:

  • Data collection and analysis- inclusive of ICT resources
  • Fitness assessment- introduce test protocols used to assess a component of fitness
  • Identify program goals- enhancement and maintenance of health-related fitness components
  • Selection of appropriate training methods and exercises
  • Application of training principles across a 6-week program i.e. progressive overload
  • Monitoring and evaluation of training- measurement options and student templates
  • Practical introduction to training methods- students will undertake a range of training types in our gym- fartlek, interval, strength, plyometrics, circuit, flexibility

Session cost

The cost of your session is based upon the student numbers identified on your booking request. In the event that additional students attend the session on the day an updated invoice will be sent to your school for payment.

1- 20 students: $33.00 per student
21-25 students: $660.00 (flat rate)
26+ students: $660.00 (up to 25 students) + $33.00 per student in addition.

Please note: – A minimum cost of $660 applies to bookings of 20 students or less when opening a new session. If your students are joining an already existing session, prices are as per schedule above.

How to book your sessions

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