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Let us help make a difference in your classroom

We have listened to your feedback to design a new learning program for both teachers and students that seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our range of school programs is now bigger and better than ever, offering student programs from VCE PE level down to Years 9-10 as well as teacher programs for professional learning. Our webinar series has been specifically developed for the ‘busy’ teacher who seeks professional learning opportunities without the hassle of travel.

Learn from a leading author of a VCE PE text book

Dr. Melissa Arkinstall is the Director of Exercise Research Australia. Melissa is a key author of the VCE PE text book published by Macmillan Education Australia. Her expertise across Units 1 – 4 includes energy systems, LIP, oxygen deficit, uptake and EPOC as well as mechanisms of fatigue and recovery. Melissa also presents for a range of professional organisations including ACHPER, as an expert on curriculum specific content.

Experience an elite athlete testing and training facility

We invite you to experience our new purpose built facility and benefit from our unique delivery strategy tailored to the requirements of the new VCE PE study design (as per the VCAA). Our educators are all practising Australian sports scientists. This means you will receive the most up to date information on the latest research in the areas of energy systems, fatigue and recovery as well as fitness testing and training program design. What sets the ERA education team apart from others is our strong research background and applied knowledge that stems from firsthand experience. We are passionate about making a difference to your students’ understanding and exam results by providing a superior education experience.

Don’t Just Take Our Word….

What our Teachers say…

“One of the most difficult parts of teaching VCE PE is to have students transfer theoretical knowledge to a practical situation. Our visit to ERA was invaluable in assisting students in this process”.

Carolyn, VCE PE teacher
Frankston High School, VIC

What our students say

“The ERA exam revision session was the perfect prep and really set me up for exam success. Melissa gave me some great techniques which really helped me to answer the hardest questions. Everything was explained so simply! Thanks ERA”.

Jacob, VCE PE student (Dux)
Bendigo Catholic College, VIC

Our Programs….

Student VCE PE exam revision

Our team comprises of a number of experienced educators and content experts, including Dr. Melissa Arkinstall, a key author of a leading VCE PE text book. We assist students to maximise their exam results through skilled construction of ideal answers. This is achieved by enhancing student understanding of the most difficult concepts in Units 3 & 4. ERA offers both mid-year and end of year exam revision sessions. These sessions include interactive ‘Q&A’ surveys to gauge student understanding and enable customisation of delivery material to maximise learning. Our session venues will be made available throughout the year. Read more….

Student PE learning activities

We offer a range of curriculum-based activities for PE students that teachers may book at anytime throughout the school year to suit their timetable. These include the VCE PE topics of energy systems, fatigue, performance analysis, fitness testing and training as well as those suited to Years 9-10 such as sports science, biomechanics and body systems. Sessions are conducted onsite in our elite athlete facility from Monday-Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Each session duration is 2 hours and includes both theory and practical application of concepts covered. Read more….

NEW PE Teacher professional learning series

We realise that teachers are only getting busier and need access to professional learning opportunities and resources without the worry of travel and time away from the classroom. So we have developed a series of PE specific webinars covering the latest information and research relevant to areas of the curriculum requirements. Each webinar (40-60 min) is presented by experts in education and high performance (olympic level) on a range of topics. Key content areas include: energy systems, fatigue mechanisms (applied to sport), nutrition, recovery (sports specific), ergogenic aids and training. Webinar topics will be posted 1-2 months in advance and require teachers to book online.

NEW PE classroom resources

We have listened to the needs of our teaching network to develop a library of resources to support delivery of content in your PE classroom. These resources are based on your feedback and have been developed by a range of experts in their field to cover topics from across the study design. We hope that you enjoy our dynamic resource collection that aims to assist student learning and save you precious time, enabling you to do what you do best…teach! Browse library…

Teacher in-service @ your school

Our sports scientists and education leaders will come to your school and conduct a customised professional development session for pe staff. Within the session, we can inform you of the latest research and industry regulations on strength and resistance training for adolescents as well as provide you with delivery ideas for training with your students. Walk away with an in-depth resource that provides teachers with a range of templates and methods as well as a greater understanding of how to make the most of your school gym environment. For further information please contact our office on 9480 1800.

VETiS Program- Become An ERA Sports Science School

Students will enrol in a Certificate III in fitness and learn the latest practices used to improve health, fitness and performance, while also getting a head start on their future career in the sport and fitness industry. The practical knowledge and skills gained by students in the areas of energy systems, training and recovery will directly benefit understanding of the VCE PE curriculum for those students looking to study Units 3 & 4. This nationally accredited qualification may also be used to boost a students ATAR* score. All training and assessment materials are provided for delivery by teachers in their classroom. Read more…