Student learning activities

We offer a range of curriculum-based activities for PE students that teachers may book at anytime throughout the school year to suit their timetable. These include the VCE PE topics of skill acquisition, sports biomechanics, energy systems, fatigue, fitness testing and training programs as well as those suited to Years 9-10 such as sports science, biomechanics and body systems. Sessions are conducted onsite in our elite athlete facility from Monday-Friday between 9 am and 3:30 pm. Each session duration is 2 hours and includes both theory and practical application of concepts covered. Read more…

VCE PE exam revision

Our team comprises of a number of experienced educators and content experts, including Dr. Melissa Arkinstall, a key author of a leading VCE PE text book. We assist students to maximise their exam results through skilled construction of ideal answers. This is achieved by enhancing student understanding of the most difficult concepts in Units 3 & 4. ERA offers both mid-year and end of year exam revision sessions. These sessions include interactive ‘Q&A’ surveys to gauge student understanding and enable customisation of delivery material to maximise learning. Our session venues will be made available throughout the year. Read more….