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Prerequisites: None
Duration: 2 hours (per class) 
Cost: $19.00 (per class)
Bookings: Maximum of 2 classes per person.

Our MASTERCLASS series is led by a range of leading industry professionals who are practitioners in their own right. Each session is delivered in a real industry environment and focused on the development and application of practical skills. Participants will walk away from each session with a range of resources that will assist both career progression and business development.

How to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)
Wednesday 18th November    1:00 pm- 3:00 pm
Ms. Ashley Bigaran (MSc. Exercise Physiology)              

Join a leading AEP to understand the steps required in becoming an accredited exercise physiologist. This session will provide participants with the opportunity to plan major milestones as you progress through university and get answers to your most pressing career questions.

In this session you will be provided with an:

  • Overview of the role of a working accredited exercise physiologist
  • Identify the accreditation requirements for registration with ESSA
  • Outline opportunities to build your professional network & placement hours
  • Discussion forum- Q&A on pathways to becoming an AEP

Facilitator profile:

Ashley completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) at RMIT University and went on to successfully undertake a Master’s of Clinical Exercise Physiology at Deakin University. Ashley’s specific interest lies in the management of chronic disease and neurological conditions. She balances her clinical work with her love of applied strength and conditioning, specialising in the preparation of developmental athletes in the fields of soccer, rugby union (Victorian Rugby 7’s, Melbourne Rebels) and athletics.

Strength & conditioning for Australian Rules Football (AFL)
Thursday 19th November     10 am-12 pm
 Mr Matthew Hornsby (MSc Strength & Conditioning)            

Join a leading AFL High Performance Manager, with over 10 years strength and conditioning experience in the area of player preparation for elite level competition. This session will provide you with an insight into how to forge a career in elite sport.

In this session you will:

  • Learn about the specific strength and conditioning needs for the sport of AFL
  • Discuss high performance training philosophies and objectives
  • Listen to the latest information on movement preparation training
  • Participate in a practical movement preparation training session
  • Discuss common injuries and injury prevention training strategies

Facilitator profile:

Matt grew up loving sport but knew he would never reach the elite level as a player. After completing a Human Movement degree at RMIT University, he went on to see out twelve seasons at Richmond FC. First as a strength and conditioning coach under Danny Frawley, then as a High Performance Manager, fulfilling his initial ambition of working in a professional sporting environment. After three years away from the AFL system building up his business Sano Health, Matt jumped at the chance to join the Saints in a role that is seen by many as one of the most important in the club.

The cross-transfer of strength following unilateral injury
Thursday 19th November    1:30- 3:30 pm       
 Dr Dawson Kidgell (BA, GDipExSpSc, MAppSci, PhD.)     

Join a senior lecturer and leading researcher in the area of the neurophysiology of exercise, with over 60 peer reviewed publications. This session will provide participants with the opportunity to experience firsthand the volume and intensity effects of training one limb on the contralateral homologous muscle group, known as “cross education”.

In this session you will be provided with an:

  • Overview of the clinical data (evidence) in this area
  • Outline of the underlying mechanisms of “cross education”
  • Opportunity to participate in a “cross education” training experiment
  • Set of practical guidelines for exercise prescription

Facilitator profile:

Dr Kidgell is a Senior Lecturer in human motor control at La Trobe Univeristy, Bundoora. His research sits within the area of neurophysiology and exercise exceeding over 60 peer reviewed papers.  Dr Kidgell has been quantifying the motor cortical responses to strength training by .investigating the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation prior to, during and following a strength training intervention. The overall goal of his research is to understand how the healthy nervous system functions to control movements following a variety of interventions, and how it may be rehabilitated following neuromuscular injury or disease.

Sport specific screening tools for injury prevention
Friday 20th November    3:00- 5:00 pm
Ms Madeleine Ellis (M. Phty)             

Join a leading sports physiotherapist, who also has extensive experience working as an accredited exercise physiologist with a large cross section of the population. This session will provide participants with the opportunity to view and be part of practical demonstrations of the screening tools used by industry experts to assess injury risk for a range of sports.

In this session you will be provided with:

  • Overview of the varying use of sports specific screening tests
  • A demonstration of common tests implemented during pre-season with athletes
  • A demonstration of common tests used to determine weekly readiness to train
  • A demonstration of common tests used to determine readiness to return to training
  • Discussion of the equipment used to undertake these tests e.g. goniometer
  • Outline of testing procedures and standard errors of measurement

Facilitator profile:

Madeleine has worked at Alphington Sports Medicine for 5 years. She has previously worked in private practices specialising in sports as well as pre/post natal care, as well as in acute care within hospitals. This diversity has equipped her with a wide range of experiences in treating different patient conditions. She is a qualified Clinical Pilates physiotherapist, gym instructor and real-time ultrasound practitioner that can develop and progress programs for her patients. Madeleine has worked with various basketball teams and is the current Paralympic Table Tennis Physiotherapist. Madeleine has completed her Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University and is also qualified in dry needling.