Level: Introductory

 Prerequisites: ISAK Level One qualification (current)

 Duration: 1.5 days

Participants must undertake this course prior to expiry of their Level One accreditation period to maintain currency of their Level One qualification. This course focuses on reviewing and updating land-marking and measurement techniques of a current Level One technician. Participants will be advised of any changes to land-marking or measurement techniques within the restricted profile (Level One) since they completed their Level One course and required to undertake at least one profile on a course peer. This will be reviewed by our Level Three anthropometrist, Dr Melissa Arkinstall, during the scheduled time on Day 2 (pm) and Day 3 (am) prior to sitting the practical exam (refer to course schedule). Successful re-accreditation is based upon participants meeting the minimum required score in the exam, 16 marks from a total of 20.

Dr. Melissa Arkinstall, will lead the 1.5 day course. Dr Arkinstall, has over 10 years’ experience as a sports scientist working at high performance level. Work alongside Melissa and the ERA team in our nationally accredited sports science facility to re accredit your international qualification.

Participants will be provided with updated information regarding the:

  • Measurement of an individual’s stature and mass
  • Land-marking of an individual’s skin-folds
  • Measurement of an individual’s skin-folds
  • Measurement of an individual’s girths
  • Measurement of an individual’s breadths

Course information:

Course registration:

Please ensure that you have thoroughly read the course information download (above) prior to registering as it outlines the post course requirements essential for accreditation.

Professional: $450.00
Student*: $375.00

*Must be full-time at time of course delivery to be eligible (proof of full-time enrolment required).

All online bookings and payments incur a small handling fee.


Please note: The first day of the re-accreditation course commences at 1.00 pm. The second and final day of the course will commence at 8.45 am.